For over 35 years, Agrifarma has specialized in providing technology and assistance to tomato producers in the Emilia Romagna region, an Italian production center for industrial tomatoes famous all over the world.

Agrifarma offers a wide range of services and assistance in all stages of cultivation with specific attention to the prevention and fight against weeds and parasites of tomato cultivation.

In particular, the Tignola del Pomodoro (Suit absoluta), a moth of the Gelechidae family that attacks all types of tomato and other types of vegetables. The absolute suit adult is a butterfly just 5-6 mm long and has a wingspan of 9-13 mm. The front wings are colored ocher yellow with black points and a series of dark notches arranged in a radial pattern in the distal half. The hind wings are gray and with a fringed edge. The eggs are light yellow and then turn reddish when they are about to hatch. The fully developed larvae are 7-8 mm long. In just two or three weeks they go through four larval stages.

The chrysalis is 4-5 mm long. It is initially green and subsequently becomes dark brown. The chrysalis is enclosed in a 7-9 mm long silk cocoon to which earthy particles easily adhere.

For an effective fight against this type of parasite, careful prevention is important from the soil preparation stages to harvesting operations through constant supervision of expert technicians equipped with the most modern techniques and knowledge.

Agrifarma boasts many years of experience in this sector also abroad with qualified collaborations in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Central African Republic and Cameroon.