Agrifarma participates directly in the experimental projects of the new irrigation techniques. It supports companies in the design and construction of systems with professionalism and satisfaction.

The IRRICARE brand fully represents Agrifarma’s commitment which has developed a series of products and equipment dedicated to micro-irrigation.

By dedicating passion and commitment to the micro-irrigation sector, today Agrifarma has the necessary know-how to provide the best and efficient solutions to the main water and crop needs.

The best technologies for irrigation systems:

The drip irrigation technique is defined as “rescue” where (typical of the southern areas) it becomes mandatory and obvious for achieving the production goal.

But it is also very important in those areas where extreme situations of drought have never occurred but one still wants to guarantee and pursue standards of quality and typicality required by the market.

The drip irrigation system combined with fertigation becomes the right tool to control and correct part of those variable factors that modify the quality standards of the product to be obtained.