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The optimal pressure during the backwash guarantees the correct functioning of an automatic filter, whether it is mesh, sand or disc. Each filter manufacturer always declares in the operating instructions, the minimum backwash pressure to ensure the cleaning of the filter element.

The backwashing of an automatic filter normally takes place in time and with the difference in pressure between inlet and outlet:

TIMED: at established and equal intervals as a precaution, even when the filter is clean.

PRESSURE DIFFERENCE: when the filter begins to load with debris, the differential pressure switch detects the difference in pre-set pressure between the inlet and outlet manifold of the filter (e.g. 3 bar at the inlet and 2.5 bar at the outlet). In both cases, the backwash generates a pressure drop in the outlet manifold due to the discharge of the dirty water. This situation can compromise the cleaning of the filter element.

The solution to manage the problem is the installation of the PRESSURE SUPPORT VALVE at the filter outlet. The valve always maintains the upstream pressure, above the minimum preset value. The installation of the pressure support valve ensures maximum filter performance throughout the campaign by eliminating interruptions due to clogging and blocking, and the following for restoring.

Irricare has set up the test bench at its headquarters to carry out pressure and flow tests of all equipment before delivery.

This service allows you to provide the filter ready for use in the field.