Irricare® Products

Venturi Injectors

Extremely efficient in the injection of fluids by pressure difference. Venturi Injectors offer a safe, accurate and economical method of injecting virtually any liquid or gas into a pressurized stream.


When a pressurized fluid enters the injector, it is conveyed to the injection chamber, abruptly increasing its speed. The increase in speed causes a decrease in pressure that allows the aspiration of another liquid or gas through a special orifice and mixing with the driving current.

When the driving current is directed towards the injector outlet, its speed is reduced, causing an increase in pressure (but at a lower value than that entering the injector). Mazzei injectors require a minimum pressure difference between the inlet and outlet pressure to create a flow through the intake orifice.


  • Low initial and installation cost
  • It does not require external energy in most installations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Suitable for continuous injection, without the need for secondary equipment.

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