Agrifarma are directly involved in experimental projects of new irrigation techniques. Agrifarma work side by side with companies to design and create systems with professionalism and satisfaction.

IRRICARE fully represents Agrifarma’s commitment to develop a series of products and equipment dedicated to micro-irrigation.

With passion and commitment in the field of micro-irrigation, today, Agrifarma have the necessary know how to provide the best and most efficient solutions for the main water supply and cultivation requirements.

The best technologies for irrigation systems:

The drip irrigation technique is defined as an ‘assistance method’ where it is obligatory and obvious to reach the target production (typical of Southern areas).

But it is very important also in those areas where there have never been extreme droughts but where they still want to ensure and pursue quality and feature standards the market calls for.

The combination of a drip irrigation system and fertigation becomes the ideal tool to check and correct some of those variable factors that affect the quality standards of products that can be obtained.

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Agrifarma have identified the best nutrition and protection strategies for every type of crops.

FERTILISERS: With a wide range of chemical, organic-mineral fertilisers, liquid fertilisers specific for fertigation, micro-elements and the right knowledge of periods and stages of crops, Agrifarma are at the forefront for the choice of the most suitable solutions adapted to the right nutrition of plants, caring for soil fertility, protecting both the environment and operators’ health.

PESTICIDES: The protection of the plant, together with the correct nutrition, becomes fundamental to obtain the best results with the constant presence of expert technicians in the field. Agrifarma offer and supply all the categories of agro-chemicals: fungicides, selective and non-selective herbicides, insecticides. The vast expertise of our qualified staff allows them to recommend the less expensive solution to protect crops.

SEEDS: Agrifarma offer a full varietal range of hybrid maize seeds, durum wheat and common wheat seeds, soya and canola, fodder. The sowing cycles are set and analysed taking into account weather and soil conditions of the varieties as well as the needs and requirements of the food-processing and agro-industrial sectors.
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Since over 35 years AGRIFARMA specializes in providing technology and assistance to tomato producers in Emilia Romagna, Italian region worldwide known as industrial tomato production centre.

AGRIFARMA offers industrial tomato producers a wide range of services and assistance in all phases of cultivation with specific attention to preventing and combating weeds and pests of tomato cultivation.

In particular the tomato disease “Tignola del Pomodoro” known as TUTA ABSOLUTA, moth of the Gelechidi’s family that attacks all kinds of tomato cultivation and other types of vegetable.

The adult of tuta absoluta is a butterfly 5-6 mm long and has a wingspan of 9-13 mm. The forewings are yellow colored with black dots and a series of dark markings arranged radially in the distal half. The hind wings are grey and with fringed edge. The eggs are light yellow becoming reddish when they are about to hatch. In their full development larvae are 7-8 mm long.

In just two or three weeks they develop in four different larval stages. The chrysalis is 4-5 mm long. It is initially green and then it becomes dark brown. The chrysalis is enclosed in a long silk cocoon 7-9 mm long, which adhere easily to soil particles.

For an effective fight against this type of pest it is crucial to forecast an accurate prevention procedure starting from ground preparation throughout­ harvesting operations through constant supervision of experienced agronomists equipped with the most modern techniques and know-how.

AGRIFARMA carries many years of experience in this field both in Italy and abroad with qualified partnerships in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Central African Republic and Cameroon.

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Agrifarma offer a ‘vineyard project’, which implements the most modern pruning and collection techniques and therefore all the materials needed for vine training and growing.

Agrifarma are a supplier with refrigerated storage of grafted vines by VCR, an international leader of the wine-growing sector. VCR distribution makes available the most complete variety of national and international grapes.

In addition to the complete availability of clones and vineyards we supply all the necessary materials for vine training (galvanised poles, wood poles, made of national chestnut wood and imported wood, galvanised wires, stainless steel wires, tensioners, springs, anchors and assorted accessories).

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