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The hydrocyclone filter EIV is used for the irrigation water coming from wells, rivers or lakes, with a notable quantity of sand suspended in the water. The tangential entry of water generates a vortex motion with centrifugal operation which allows the separation between water and heavy particles.

In fact, due to the difference in density and specific weight, the water will come out of the upper outlet while the sand, which is heavier, will fall in the centre of the vortex and it will be accumulated in the special container placed underneath.

At the base of the cone, a reduction has been put, which will protect the filter from wear due to the abrasive action of the sand. Reduction easily replaced during the ordinary maintenance operations.

Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar

Body: in sandblasted metal, treated with zinc phosphate and subsequent electrostatic application of a epoxy-polyester coating of 120-160 microns with protective and anti-corrosion function.

Gaskets: EpDM

Couplings: threaded female Bsp – flanged – Victaulic


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